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Killer migrane 3rd day in a row. =/ Wanna watch new SPN ep but when I open my eyes, the room spins. Meeh.
On the bright side, I'm all caught up with H5-0. Alex O'Loughlin is fuckin' A as Steve McGarrett but reminds me too much of John Sheppard.
Scott Caan OTOH is kind of a disappointment. Decent most times but awkward at odd moments. Can't put my finger on it; guess I expected more.
Perhaps I was expecting someone of @dhewlett's caliber to stand next to Alex like David did for @JoeFlanigan. Even the banter looks strained
doesn't have the easy flow John's & Rodney's had. At 1st I thought it was because it's too early for Steve & Danny to have the same rapport
yet 20 eps later the stilted banter still sets my teeth on edge. Oh #SGA how you ruined me for other shows.
I won't even get into the Steve/Danny slash dynamic. I suspect I'll be unpopular enough in H5-0 fandom tonight w/out touching that *sigh*
Pain meds finally kicked in. What to do, watch SPN or a get a decent night's sleep while pain free? Decisions, decisions...

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Lately, internet proxy filtering at work is off for days at the time. Today is one of them and as it's a slow day, I'm tinkering with my DW and LJ accounts and browsing for fellow SGA fans.

We need more SGA communities at DW, no?
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*pokes [livejournal.com profile] icarusancalion*
The main national Greek tv channel has picked up the European Figure Skating Championships 2007 and the Mens Short Program is on right now (alas, not live) and guess what? The skater I'm watching is a Czech called Karel Zelenka. ZELENKA! Dude! I'm dying here!
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i just love it when the artist in me meets my inner 12-year-old and they come out to play. *sighs happily* as you've probably figured out by now, i spent the entire weekend over photoshop. i finished a couple of projects *coughs*, did research and added the odd stroke or two in a few others but mostly i fooled around with my sparkly new volito2 to get used to it. this is one of the doodles that came out: what you get if you cross hewlett with flanigan? hewligan! hee!

plus a little smthing i started but force knows when i'll finish )
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Last January, [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn hosted the Badfic Summary Mini-Ficathon during which she wrote one of the scariest, most hilarious stories in this fandom. Then people produced fanart, including Maddy who made this, I went now, that's a catchy movie title and the result was the Movie Poster of Doom that ate nearly a year of my life. After this, pleading insanity will never be hard for me, like ever again.

Immortal Geisha

Click on thumbnail for huge-ass photo and, um, pleasepleasepleasedon'thurtme?
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One good thing about LJ blackouts is that you take the time you think you never have, to finish all those pesky little projects you started ages ago (most likely during the previous blackout), stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time but now sit on your hard disk gathering the proverbial dust. Of course, the moment LJ is on-line again you get sucked right back in and you forget not only to post them but their existence altogether; but I digress.

I fell in love with this photo the moment I saw it. There is this Mona Lisa quality to David's smile that does it for me, tickles me, makes me warm inside and happy. Impish, intense, pretty, pretty David Hewlett. I colored the photo on a whim, I hope you like it. The original b&w version is from imdb.com.

it started with his eyes )
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...tell [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock that no.1 fangirl Martin Gero totally reads fanfiction and slash and specifically One Life To Ascend To because Spoilers!!! for SGA - 310 - The Return Part 1 )



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