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[livejournal.com profile] colorfulshadows and [livejournal.com profile] yatabazah, my pretties, the Vox invites are in. You can leave me the email you want to use for signing in there in this post, comments are screened.

= )
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Thanks to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] medie, I have secured my username at Vox. You will find me at http://queenofstars.vox.com/.

eta: 'Thought I'd check; I don't have any invites yet to share, but when I get them, I'll put them up for grabs.
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...about LJ, Vox, Six Apart and abandonment issues sitting on my disk but I'm too tired to finish it tonight.

Instead, I'm watching Without a Trace and hanging out at LJ Talk to see who shows up. = ) Bro has night shift this week and I have the room all by myself. I'm enjoying the small luxury for what has to be the second-to-last time, because (if all goes well) during the weekend Grandma Voula is moving into the room next to mine. From then on we will be walking on our toes after 9 p.m. No more late nights watching tv (like I said, next room) or after-midnight showers (bathroom door is in front of hers) or having friends staying over until the early morning hours, playing scrabble (we're too damn loud when we play *g*).

I thought I would had depressed myself by now but I guess I hadn't realised what a calming effect writing down everyday stuff has. I only hope ppl won't kick me out of their f-lists if I make it a habit.
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Does anyone still have a Vox invitation to spare for me?

I'm not all that hot for the idea but I'd like to reserve my nickname, just in case.

Thanks mates.


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