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Yes, contrary to common belief, I'm still alive. *checks pulse* Well, maybe... Mini rant: Work... )
A lot has happened in the past two months, many changes that don't fit in a post. And to be honest, even if they did, I don't think I could stay awake long enough to write it. *yawn* Let's see how many I can get down before I shut down...

Last Friday, my best friend ALN had his first child, a baby boy. )

My first laptop, Daniel, is almost 1 month old. )

MSN me babe... )

My ex, Bill... )

Last but not least... GIP! [livejournal.com profile] nevskaya dared the icon meme and I found the perfect opportunity to corner her for an exclusive "made by nev". Ain't it the prettiest? *huggles icon and [livejournal.com profile] nevskaya* I'm considering revamping my journal to earth tones just for its sake.

It's mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Touch it and I'll try one of Jack's black-ops tricks on you. Or two. muaaaahahaha

And that says I've reached my limit for tonight... G'night world!
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monday night i lost my nokia 6510.
stupid me left it in a cab. x__X;;
those who know me, knew what it meant to me.
it was practically an extension to my hand.
3 years worth of sms? gone.
::poof!:: just like that.
not even my brand new t-six-ten can make up for the loss.
(i don't want to take pictures damn it, i want radio with my phone!)

[livejournal.com profile] slymole, [livejournal.com profile] kloneland and all of you sweeties that monitor this space *winks at friksos*: i still have the same phone number so drop me a line with yours (cell-, home-, etc.) 'cause i had them stored only either in my sim or phone memory. =0/
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there are boxes, all kind of dusters, empty glasses and bottles, all scattered around. you see, yesterday i bought an extra 512mb ram module for my 'puter and a new graphics card, sapphire beast all in wonder radeon 9000 pro. i never allow anyone touch the insides of my 'puter, it's my baby, my creation, so i always upgrade it myself. that's why my l-room looks like someone dropped a bomb and i'm covered in dust from head to toe, surfing the net *and* watching tv in the upper right corner of my screen. :::grin:::

yer looking at a happy-happy kitten! :::purrs::: a kitten who has to straighten the mess and take a quick shower before bed. ::sigh::
g'night everyone!

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...died a slow, painful death two days ago. Windows98 craped out and I'm not going to have the next OS (Win2k) up and running before next weekend. =O(

So don't worry, I'm still around, alive an' kicking (althought kicking and screaming would be more accurate... *growl*) I'm just computer-less for a while.

Take care everyone
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Last night's one-hour nap resulted to a 15-hour deep slumber... I woke up a few hours ago, feeling rejuvenated and hungry as a bear. ^___^ I needed sleep *badly*. Work tends to be too stressful lately and I find myself spending long, sleepless nights reading Qui-Obi angst fanfic from my new toy, (a nifty black Visor Deluxe palmtop from Handspring), hoping against hope to relax.

To my surprise, I have stumbled across the kind of stories I needed to read these days; Qui-Gon saved by Obi-Wan after "the scene that didn't happen" in any way you can imagine. As I need inspiration for my own piece, I call it 'research'! At least to my mother, when she questions me about spending too much time with my toy. ^___^

Ok, so I missed you and you last night but I will see you online today, right? *hopeful grin*


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