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this morning: first swim for this year. well, actually, first swim in three years. or is that four? *ponders* oh well, i confuse them with how many since i last had sex, so... *shrug*
not sunburned so yey for choosing the right sunblock cream.

below, a picture of me mom looking spiffy in her sea-blue bikini. i look like a whale, so no, no photo of me. =P

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...about LJ, Vox, Six Apart and abandonment issues sitting on my disk but I'm too tired to finish it tonight.

Instead, I'm watching Without a Trace and hanging out at LJ Talk to see who shows up. = ) Bro has night shift this week and I have the room all by myself. I'm enjoying the small luxury for what has to be the second-to-last time, because (if all goes well) during the weekend Grandma Voula is moving into the room next to mine. From then on we will be walking on our toes after 9 p.m. No more late nights watching tv (like I said, next room) or after-midnight showers (bathroom door is in front of hers) or having friends staying over until the early morning hours, playing scrabble (we're too damn loud when we play *g*).

I thought I would had depressed myself by now but I guess I hadn't realised what a calming effect writing down everyday stuff has. I only hope ppl won't kick me out of their f-lists if I make it a habit.
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my bus leaves in one hour for kalamata. the moment i hit 'send' i'm out the door.
see you on monday people! *smooches*

and belated happy birthday to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] slavelabour!!! {{hug}}
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my brother just handed me an envelope addressed to me. sender reads 'spyros zarouchlas'. i don't have to open it; i know what it is.
his wedding invitation.
same wedding i was once asked to be maid of honor.
ever had one of these friendships where you thought they would last till the end of years? the whole platonic "growing old and grey together"? we used to laugh at friendships crumbling around us, feeling cocky that ours would last, supported by eleven years of common history. he chose me as a maid of honor for his wedding long before he ever met his bride. "that way we get to be family".
and now, he won't even meet with me to give me his wedding invitation.
my blood brother.
where are my cigarette makings? i need a smoke.

molis mou edwse o adelfos mou ena fakelo pou hr9e gia mena me apostolea ton spyro. den xreiazetai na to anoi3w na dw ti einai, 3erw.
to prosklhthrio tou gamou tou me thn nana.
pou 9a eimouna koumpara.
me to taxudromeio.
oute kan xeri me xeri.
pou einai o kapnos mou? xreiazomai ena tsigaro.
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One of my best friends is celebrating his b-day tonight. I have less than an hour for a quick shower, fix my hair, wear my contacts (don't laugh, I'm new to this crap and it takes me 10' an eye to put them on!), get dressed and if there's time left, put on some make-up too

My bro is doing better today. Fever is down to 37.8 and his throat isn't that swollen anymore so he's had more solid food for lunch. He loved the jell-o and he wants more. ^____^ Next time you hear me complain of how spoiled he is, remind me with a swift kick on my behind that I'm guilty of spoiling him rotten over the years! *grin*

Oh my, look at the time! Got to run! *smooch*

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I had to calm down whether I liked it or not. I would begin to say that my brother has the oddest ways of bringing the family together after a fight.

He had a light fever since Friday, a sore throat and felt kinda tired, sleepy and then not. He dismissed it as a simple head cold and on Sunday he went to watch his favourite basket team play where, as usual, he screamed his head off.

Wednesday afternoon, mother called at work. They had to rush him to the hospital when his fever went up to 39.5C. *sigh* He was diagnosed with tonsillitis and infectious mononucleosis, the combination quite dangerous for a 26-year-old. *buries head in hands*
I didn't make it on time to see him that night so I visited back yesterday. He looked tired, seemed thinner to me, the fever making him look like he smoked Yoda's entire secret stash. I brought him batteries for his portable tv to last him for a month, fed him yogurt with sugar, let him toy with my cell phone. We joked around a bit, making fun of the guy in the opposite bed with the bandaged nose who snored. And when I got home, I made strawberry jell-o for him. Can you believe a hospital where they don't serve jell-o?! I would have laughed if I felt like it... I guess I've never told you I hate military hospitals. *growl*

Time to get home. Mom visits him mornings and evenings so I have to help her with the house so she can go back earlier tonight... Yeap! My bother has the oddest ways of bringing us back together.
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I know tomorrow I will regret this entry, probably make it private only, but right now I don't give a rat's ass. I'm so pissed off I can scream, so don't you start with me now!

So she's been bitching me for a while now to pick up my stuff from the living room (where my compy is), and tidy up my closet. I didn't want to do it. So I did what I always do: ignore her. Only this time, she grabbed the first things she saw in front of her and tried to throw them from the balcony; my Star Wars magazines along with my IRS papers. I wrestled my stuff away and threatend her seriously with throwing out of the window her favorite porcelain pumpkin (among other things).

Guess what she did; she threw the main power switch while my compy was on. She cut the power while my baby was online. *growl* I don't care how right she was. If anything happens to my puter, I will fucking kill her. My baby, my work, my memories...*sigh*

It's almost 1 after midnight, way past my current bedtime, I'm still going through paperwork and trying to figure out where to hide the extra magazines. I didn't get to finish the mini-map I promised a former colligue. I'm tired, sleepy and cranky, my new contacts are killing me and I still have an hour or so before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll regret it but tonight I want to kill my mother.
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My mother isn't speaking to me. *snigger*

She's trying to get over her shock over my new wallpaper.

Ah, blissful silence! If I knew, I would have done it sooner! *grin*


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