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So far today:
1. Woke up ridiculously early because of nightmares. Four successive nightmares to be exact. Ugh!
2. Left home without my wallet. I realized it was missing when I reached for it to pay the morning cab to work. No money in my handbag, no cash card to get money from the nearest ATM. Thankfully, my besty was already at work and came to my rescue with a 10 euro bill. *hugs bff*
3. My network account expired. Spent two hours surfing on my tablet, waiting for renewal. Battery levels went down, which leads me to:
4. New tiny charger caught FIRE while charging my Galaxy Tab 2. Judging from the soot, there were flames. FLAMES people! My tablet is alright, but it was too close for comfort. Also, burnt fuse means no power means no work until they fix it. Productive day so far, right?
5. Tablet I was setting up with Google Play, refuses to boot. I rebooted twice after the installation and then shut it down to conserve battery without setting my friend's account 'cause I didn't have his pass. Half an hour later, damn thing won't boot. *pulls hair*

I give up. Can I go home and hide under the covers? :/
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Killer migrane 3rd day in a row. =/ Wanna watch new SPN ep but when I open my eyes, the room spins. Meeh.
On the bright side, I'm all caught up with H5-0. Alex O'Loughlin is fuckin' A as Steve McGarrett but reminds me too much of John Sheppard.
Scott Caan OTOH is kind of a disappointment. Decent most times but awkward at odd moments. Can't put my finger on it; guess I expected more.
Perhaps I was expecting someone of @dhewlett's caliber to stand next to Alex like David did for @JoeFlanigan. Even the banter looks strained
doesn't have the easy flow John's & Rodney's had. At 1st I thought it was because it's too early for Steve & Danny to have the same rapport
yet 20 eps later the stilted banter still sets my teeth on edge. Oh #SGA how you ruined me for other shows.
I won't even get into the Steve/Danny slash dynamic. I suspect I'll be unpopular enough in H5-0 fandom tonight w/out touching that *sigh*
Pain meds finally kicked in. What to do, watch SPN or a get a decent night's sleep while pain free? Decisions, decisions...

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This will make you laugh.

There is a good chance I lost what little was left of my mind. A few weeks ago, I signed up for junior moderator in omniacs.net (Greek forum for Samsung Omnia phones). Last week I was supposed to chat with the administrator for a crash course on my duties as general watchdog/hellhound but we haven't been able to get around to it yet. So I'm surfing around the forum, making vague, polite, semi-threatening comments to keep people in line, brandishing my new status as a weapon and peeing my panties laughing when they comply 'cause they think I know how to delete their posts or ban them! (OK, so I'm not that clueless as to not know how to delete/lock/freeze posts or threads, or warn/ban people without someone showing me; it's the etiquette, the when to do it.)

Thing is, even though currently I'm just fast-forwarding through sub-forums, I'm already behind on checking new posts! Like 5 whole pages in less than a day! How the hell will I keep up with the full load?! *headesks*

Also, it appears that I'm signing up for [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo this year. *squirms in seat* I've only joined the comm so far and I have yet to make my word count claim, but I'm pretty sure that it's a matter of days before I commit.

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This is it. After one month of packing like it's going out of fashion, tomorrow we are moving the last of the furniture. Which means that by the end of the day I'll have my OWN APARTMENT! No internet for two weeks, but dude, my frigin' own apartment.

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this morning: first swim for this year. well, actually, first swim in three years. or is that four? *ponders* oh well, i confuse them with how many since i last had sex, so... *shrug*
not sunburned so yey for choosing the right sunblock cream.

below, a picture of me mom looking spiffy in her sea-blue bikini. i look like a whale, so no, no photo of me. =P

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i'm thinking about taking a day off this monday. it won't be enough, not by a long-shot but i have 8 days left in my regular vacation for this year which i have to spend by end january and i won't be able to take them all at once around the holidays, no matter how much i want to. so i'm forced to take one day here, one day there and i'm left feeling miserable when it's over because let me tell you, the brief respite might be refreshing while it lasts but it's nowhere near as satisfying as a whole week without work would be.

and still nothing on the job-seeking front. meeh.
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::breathes in paperbag::

Yes, from the job I want. Tomorrow, five thirty, in the other side of town from work I'll have to convince someone that I qualify for an Internet Help Desk/Call Center job. Yes [livejournal.com profile] slymole, I know I'm overqualified for the job. Bite me. =P


OMG, what do I wear for an interview? What will I say?! Last time I had an interview was four and a half years ago, inside the same company which meant I'd still have a job if boss S. didn't find me adequate.

::inhales shakily::

Oh, speaking of boss S.; he still doesn't know I intent to quit. I've been trying to find a way to tell him since Friday, but my diplomacy skills suck big time. Tomorrow morning he's expecting me to give him a status report on my tasks/chores. I'll have to tell him how much I've fucked up since end of May, that I've had it and I want out and oh, by the way, I'm leaving on time, if not a bit early today because I have an appointment I can't miss or re-schedule. He's going to blow his lid off.


Sep. 1st, 2006 12:34 pm
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Last day of the month, it's 16:30, I have a shitload of requisitions I'm supposed to submit today (system is real-time, damn) and what am I doing? I'm capturing SG-1 commentaries from AOL. If they fire my ass, it will be totally justified. *handwave*

At seven thirty, I have the last appointment for July with my dietician. He's taking August off. All of August. Lucky bastard. I guess this is as good a time as any to say:



The rant about Vox is still half-written and will remain so until I'll have a chance to take a closer look at the service, try to post, etc. Which means don't hold your breath, it won't be until the end of the week, when grandma's move will be over.

Nothing else comes to mind except, 4 days until downtime! Yeshh!
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...about LJ, Vox, Six Apart and abandonment issues sitting on my disk but I'm too tired to finish it tonight.

Instead, I'm watching Without a Trace and hanging out at LJ Talk to see who shows up. = ) Bro has night shift this week and I have the room all by myself. I'm enjoying the small luxury for what has to be the second-to-last time, because (if all goes well) during the weekend Grandma Voula is moving into the room next to mine. From then on we will be walking on our toes after 9 p.m. No more late nights watching tv (like I said, next room) or after-midnight showers (bathroom door is in front of hers) or having friends staying over until the early morning hours, playing scrabble (we're too damn loud when we play *g*).

I thought I would had depressed myself by now but I guess I hadn't realised what a calming effect writing down everyday stuff has. I only hope ppl won't kick me out of their f-lists if I make it a habit.


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