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[livejournal.com profile] paian has posted the first part 'of a longer thing', For now (SG-1, J/D). 8,000 words later, I'm willing to bare her children and bring her coffee in bed if it will make her write faster.
[livejournal.com profile] kres is posting now and then, bite-sized passages from the latest story she is writing (SG-1, probably J/D only). I think she can teach Ba'al a thing or two in torture tactics.
[livejournal.com profile] icarusancalion has a 3,300-word J/D story ready plus a J/D PWP that she sent off to betas 15 days ago. I know she's had computer problems lately but... Have mercy woman, post them already, I'm dying here! *bounces*
[livejournal.com profile] the_emu is due for the third post of her awesome nine-parter Suspicion (SW, Q/O, O/others), any minute now. If she knows what's good for her that is.

It's going to be a long summer, I can tell.

eta: Icarus' 3,300-word story was for a 'zine. Oops.
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Hey everyone! With Episode III around the corner, I've made eight character wallpapers, using images from the front page @ StarWars.com. It's possible that someone else has had the same bright idea before, but here they are, just in case. ;) Click on the thumbnails for eight 1024x768 images, 184~204k each.

SPOILER WARNING: There is at least one new character and a critical scene featured, so if you you want to remain unspoiled, please, please don't look behind the cut. Consider yourself properly warned.

wallpapers behind the cut to spare those who want to remain spoiler-free )

I wouldn't mind if you'll link directly to the images, as long as you credit me when you do. Not much to ask, right? You are also welcome to link back to the entry, just don't forget to warn people about the spoilers and that my lj theme is not work-safe. ;)
Go on, kill my photobucket bandwidth, I dare ya! *grin*

I'm insane

Oct. 20th, 2003 03:49 pm
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Instead of packing (I'm leaving in 2 days for Kalamata to be a bride's maid at my cousin Maria's wedding ^__^;;) I'm writing a responce to an individual who thinks that it's her duty to "relieve" us from the "burden" of the two inactive lists her list replaced. ::facepalm::
No chica, reporting Star Wars fanfiction lists to Yahell is not good for fandom. Save your posts for your barely-breathing list and stop spamming those we like to keep as archives. ::growl::
Owww, I can hardly wait for her answer, see me bouncing in anticipation...? NOoooT!


Aug. 22nd, 2003 03:04 am
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master/apprentice mailing list is gone!
what a lovely coming-home gift from the yahell!wankers...
::subs to the new list::
::backs up first 94 messages she lost::
::growls some more::
all done. only thing left to do is get over the fact that every. single. piece. of fan fiction authors didn't give permission to be archived anywhere, is lost for ever.
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Master and Apprentice has been the joy of my life for over 3 years now. *content sigh* I'm convinced that no matter how many years pass, I'll never get tired of the TPM universe. Thank you for the stories ladies and keep bringing 'em! ^__^
So if you are in anyway connected to m-a, don't be surprised if you find yerself on my friends' list. *grin*

By the way, does anyone know what ever happened to Wednesday? Her LJ was deleted quite a while ago. I hate to see such talented authors disappear like that. =0( I was really hoping she would finish The Gift someday... *sigh* Oh well...

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*see Ishi-No opening her lj-friends page at work*

*see Ishi-No clicking with enthusiasm on link provided by [livejournal.com profile] ausmac*

*typing sounds and lots of sniggering*

Am I predictable or whot? Instant Slash Story! )
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My mother isn't speaking to me. *snigger*

She's trying to get over her shock over my new wallpaper.

Ah, blissful silence! If I knew, I would have done it sooner! *grin*
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*yawn* I didn't sleep at all last night. No wonder I can't keep my eyes open. Tonight's X Files was a real treat though; the Unnatural was perfect solace for my battered psyche. David Duchovny is utterly gorgeous as Mulder. Baseball!Mulder. *grin*

Layna dreamt of Liam last night. If you pardon the TMI: I had a wonderful dream myself, featuring the Towering Sequoia of Sex a couple of weeks ago. It involved the sweetest kiss you'd ever imagine and I could feel my lips tingling for days after that. Darn, I still have a goofy smile on my face. *grin*

need sleep

maybe I'll be lucky and dream of both Ewan and Liam tonight. ^___
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For two days now, I get half my mail from my Yahoo mailing lists. *growl* If I wasn't paying attention, I would have missed part 6 of "Beyond the Pale" from the magnificent Alex. Damn Yahoo...


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