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I'm watching a 1990 Hamlet production for tv starring Kevin Kline and having wet dreams of Michael Shanks on stage, dressed in black, hearing voices, seeing ghosts, accepting blame for everyone else, groping Horatio, touching Ophelia's face with his fingertips and thrusting his sword at Laertes.


I was so born in the wrong country, man.
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Is it just me or there's something seriously, seriously wrong with a summary that reads:
Danny is missing, and Jack has to write the eulogy.

*ponders writing an eulogy for her missing socks*


Mar. 7th, 2005 09:51 pm
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In the recent updates posted @ Area52 there is a word-to-word transcript of the 'Prometheus Unbound' opening scene, claimed as a drabble...

They are fucking joking, right?
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Aaaaack! *glares at f-list* Stop tempting me with Moebius 2 spoilers, you... you... tempters! It's bad enough I'm scared to pieces that TPTB will fuck up royally my oh-so-puuurty-and-gay show. *shakes fist and other body parts at RCC and company* I don't have any faith in them anymore but I am going to watch the damn episode, if it kills me. Against my better judgement, I watched part 1 last week and now I'm dying to find out what happens next. My faithful compy at home downloads the ep as we speak.
I hope. If my adsl didn't die. Again.

*chews lip* *bites nails* *calls brother to make sure*

Damn. Damn-damn-damn.Oh, it's downloading alright, but it's been 6 1/2 hours since it started and it's only at 22%. Damn!

*ponders spoiler-y posts*
*closes browser with a sigh and pretends to go back to work*
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The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I caught up on my sleep.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

Figures. I find the time to post, LJ goes down. *humph* I find the time to read, Roo's site dies from traffic. *kicks geocities* Before you know it, weekend is over and I'm back at work without having done anything I had planned. Agh!
What frustrates me most is that I could have finished the Story That Ate My Life And Is Having My Brains For Dessert, spare time and all. *waves hands* I tried to. I really, really did. I only managed to re-write the second and third lines to the end that made no sence from day one. They look perfect now, but... that's all I could come up with in two days? *pulls hair* Two friggin' lines in two farking days. Nothing else. Nada. Zip. And the long *cough*sex*cough* scene that's essentially the heart of the story is still unwritten, just scribbles on an old draft printout.
Yeap, I'm pathetic.
Blah. Monday. Work. At least I can keep my eyes open, having slept ridiculously long hours an' all. *waves hands some more*


Aug. 25th, 2004 12:32 am
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People, on my life, I saw "Entity" only today. I had absolutely no idea what Siler and Jack had said during the episode when I wrote "Maintenance".


Don't you just feel special, when you write something and it turns out to be so close to canon? =D

eta: and while we're on the subject of writing... )
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"Wearing nothing but light gray sweat bottoms, a sleeveless navy blue cropped sweatshirt and his blue and white sling, Daniel walked down the hall and into his kitchen."

'Nothing but'? Wearing pants and shirt that cover most of your body is 'nothing'? What would you have him wear to be dressed then? A bear hide?!

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About a month or so ago, I woke up at two in the middle of the night, grabbed my trusted Visor and started scribbling what I had just seen in my dream. These two paragraphs are haunting me since then. I like them, I want to write more based on them but...

Behind a cut to protect the innocent. Un-betaed and completely unpolished brainfart. And I'm greek. Even though it's shorter than the rant, I didn't tweak it, it's copied just as my sleep-fogged mind produced it. I honestly didn't change a single word. I intend to re-write it properly. Eventually. When my Jack!Muse decides it's time to behave. Like that's ever going to happen in any lifetime... Did I also mention that I'm Greek? ::facepalm:: )

::grabs Jack!Muse in a chokehold:: For weeks now I'm trying to figure out what happened. WTF did you say to him?! Why say it in the first place if you didn't really mean it you... you... bastard? Was it so important to hurt him? Why did he react so badly to it? Why were you so fucking stricken by his reaction? That's what you wanted, a reaction, right? ::tightens chokehold:: RIGHT?
Damn it! For once in my life, is it too much to ask for a fucking plot when I write? I never have a plot. All I have are these noncontinuous images, thrown out of order with no apparent logical sequence. Feelings, images, words, situations that never sum up. Never enough for a story, not even a drabble!

And Jack.. Well, Jack just won't shut up in my head. He keeps showing me what he wants and he can't have. Daniel.

But I can't write Daniel, not even if my life depended on it. It doesn't take much to figure out why I can't do it. It's not his intelligence that intimidates me, it's the educated side of Daniel that leaves me dumbfounded. It's impossible for me to pass what I put in writing for Daniel-speak. I don't have the vocabulary, I don't have the grammar, I don't have the education, the schooling to write Daniel. How can you write the voice of a linguist when you can't write proper enough english to save your farking life? I go ballistic when writers don't see he is so much more than a guy who can say 'fuck' in 23 languages. Sure, I can get away with it when it comes to Jack; he's deliberately using small words, playing dumb for the crowds, hiding the brainy part of his personality on purpose. Nothing to see here folks, just your average dumb-ass fly-boy, move along, move along. Jack is way smarter than he lets people see on a regular basis and yet I can pin down his mental 'voice' like it's my own. Or so I'd like to think ::winces:: And even then I'm in trouble, since because of RDA, O'Neill's brainfarts are more grammatically correct than it should be legal for US military.

I guess that's why so far I was only making lj icons. I've given it some thought and I've come to realise that most of my icons tell a little story; a joke, an emotion that can't be spoken aloud. Lately icons are not enough either. The stories I'm trying to make them say are becoming too big for one frame, text is so long they HAVE to be animated and even then the 40k limit is driving me up the walls quality-wise. ::headdesks::

I could go on like this all night but I'm dead tired (RL and health problems but that I'll save for a non-fandom entry). Fact is I shouldn't even be up at this ungodly hour on a work-night but what can I say: I take my OTP seriously.
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I know it but I have to get this out of my chest before I choke.
Not a happy camper today. Not at all.
Thing is, I make and share Stargate icons. They are not that great but damn it! all I have to offer for this fandom is icons. I'd like to think of myself as generous and if I'm wrong, please, please tell it to my face so I can get off my high horse. Especially, when lately every icon I make no matter how much I like it and want to hold it, hug it, squeeze it and call it George, I give it up for adop... err, I share it with everyone who wants it. I haven't kept one for myself in ages. =\

And I ask: why, oh why is it too fucking much to ask for those I make for myself to keep them personal?! It's not like they are work of art or anything but they are my brainfarts and I like to keep them that way thankyouverymuch!


I'm certain that the girl who took my icon probably found it from someone else who had found it from someone else who had taken it from force knows where when I leave comments all around LJ and the whole affair is just a misunderstanding and before long I'll regret this post and acting like a whining little bitch but right now I feel sorry for myself and I want to sulk and... argh! Someone took my toy! ::sulk::

Perfect timing too, just as I had finished half a dozen J/D icons. I'm so friggin' tempted to keep them all for myself just for the hell of it.


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