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[livejournal.com profile] colorfulshadows and [livejournal.com profile] yatabazah, my pretties, the Vox invites are in. You can leave me the email you want to use for signing in there in this post, comments are screened.

= )
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Does anyone still have a Vox invitation to spare for me?

I'm not all that hot for the idea but I'd like to reserve my nickname, just in case.

Thanks mates.
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Yes, contrary to common belief, I'm still alive. *checks pulse* Well, maybe... Mini rant: Work... )
A lot has happened in the past two months, many changes that don't fit in a post. And to be honest, even if they did, I don't think I could stay awake long enough to write it. *yawn* Let's see how many I can get down before I shut down...

Last Friday, my best friend ALN had his first child, a baby boy. )

My first laptop, Daniel, is almost 1 month old. )

MSN me babe... )

My ex, Bill... )

Last but not least... GIP! [livejournal.com profile] nevskaya dared the icon meme and I found the perfect opportunity to corner her for an exclusive "made by nev". Ain't it the prettiest? *huggles icon and [livejournal.com profile] nevskaya* I'm considering revamping my journal to earth tones just for its sake.

It's mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Touch it and I'll try one of Jack's black-ops tricks on you. Or two. muaaaahahaha

And that says I've reached my limit for tonight... G'night world!
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Barely. And it cost me my time-off before Easter.

Things to do this weekend:
  • finish yearly statistics report

  • reply to comments

  • hunt down comments lj didn't send to me and answer them too

  • help mama with housekeeping (blah)

  • meet Tony who had his birthday last week and make amends for forgetting about it

  • watch second half of season 4

But right now I need sleep. See you in a few hours.
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Sweet force, 3 days away from my compy and still I haven't found the time to check my flist and see what all of you wonderful people have been up to these days. ::pout:: I have less than an hour to wash the dishes and make myself presentable enough for going out. Bill is taking me to see RotK. ::bounce::

Just dropped by to wish you all Merry Christmas!!! and snatch Neige's I won't be alone for Christmas which is now on my desktop, making my 'puter look festive!
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...and loving every minute of it! And I'm guessing it's because I've dragged [livejournal.com profile] slymole along for the ride. ::sniggers::
Poor thing, he came to Athens from Salonica for 4 days to see us and he left with more than he bargained for! Hell, everyone who was at Ostria that night, did! We agreed on helping resurrect SciFi.gr and he's been working on it for 2 weeks now. ::pets [livejournal.com profile] slymole and waters him with Glenfiddich::
So, for now there's the beta site, where everything new posted will be transfered to SciFi.gr as well when the time comes and there are the forums, where I just posted my first suggestion. ::bounces:: (you can't see it, it's on the admin side of the board) And I'm moderator on the Television board. ::bounces some more::
It's so good to have something so fulfilling in my life. Science fiction has been the air that I breathe for almost all my life and this is a hell of a chance to offer my contribution for the Greek scene. It's not that I can really spare the time at this point of my life --actually, none of us does-- with work and personal life stressing me, but it makes me feel... useful.
So we have a new project! php crash-course anyone? ::eg::
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I was going to post about the weeding but breaking up with Bill for the second time took away all my energy for anything productive and creative... ::sigh::
Yes, I let myself be fooled once again. Go me.
You are free to kick me while I'm down but you'de better hurry, I won't be for long.
Antonis and Katerina are taking me out for coffee this afternoon to cheer me up. Let's hear it for good friends who are next to you when you need them.
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my bus leaves in one hour for kalamata. the moment i hit 'send' i'm out the door.
see you on monday people! *smooches*

and belated happy birthday to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] slavelabour!!! {{hug}}
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my brother just handed me an envelope addressed to me. sender reads 'spyros zarouchlas'. i don't have to open it; i know what it is.
his wedding invitation.
same wedding i was once asked to be maid of honor.
ever had one of these friendships where you thought they would last till the end of years? the whole platonic "growing old and grey together"? we used to laugh at friendships crumbling around us, feeling cocky that ours would last, supported by eleven years of common history. he chose me as a maid of honor for his wedding long before he ever met his bride. "that way we get to be family".
and now, he won't even meet with me to give me his wedding invitation.
my blood brother.
where are my cigarette makings? i need a smoke.

molis mou edwse o adelfos mou ena fakelo pou hr9e gia mena me apostolea ton spyro. den xreiazetai na to anoi3w na dw ti einai, 3erw.
to prosklhthrio tou gamou tou me thn nana.
pou 9a eimouna koumpara.
me to taxudromeio.
oute kan xeri me xeri.
pou einai o kapnos mou? xreiazomai ena tsigaro.


Jul. 10th, 2003 01:11 am
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force, this is sooooo frustrating! you can find the matrix reloaded script under every fucking rock you turn online but how about the x-men 2 script? (or transcript, who's picky?!)
noooooooo, noone seems to have it, noone seems to want to pick up the collector's edition of the art of x2 and make a fucking scan!
i've been looking online for the script for so long, it's gradually becoming an obsession! even if i find the damn thing in some fancy bookstore downtown athens (yeah, fat chance!), i can't afford it! i have already spent most of my extra money for this month.
yesterday i got me 3 dvds:
a. "the x-men 1.5" (two pieces, i gave one to my buddy fani as a gift ^___^)
b. "swordfish" (who can resist half-nekkid, hacker-boy jackman?!) and
c. "gossip" (only 'cause i couldn't find "disturbing behavior" and i needed a jimmy marsden fix where i could see his eyes. oh, yes i'm deep thankyouverymuch)
if i could only get the script too, my happiness would be complete. not to mention the fic i'm writing. *grin*
oh, man! i'm so wired! i'm seriously considering on creating a scott/logan community! 'cause there's not enough wolvie/cyke luv goin' around mates, not nearly enough.
i couldn't believe how spoiled i was from the tpm fandom with it's talented authors and thousands of fics. and you won't believe how long i have to look to find a decent cyclops/wolverine story among all those creepy mary-sues!!! *feels skin crawling* is this what the birth of a new fandom feels like? (well, movieverse is new considering comicverse counts decades! *g*)
force, look at the time! better get home while i feel creative. (just *don't* ask why i'm still at work...) wish me luck on my english exam tomorrow!


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