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Oh, I resisted vigorously... until I discovered that the chat module gets through company's proxy when loaded in Firefox. ::silly Snoopy dance:: Sure, the cute little online/idle/away/offline lights are blocked and I have to right-click-properties when I want to see if someone is away, but man, it's working! [/bad Anakin moment]

Today's words of wisdom: When a new service launches, no matter how ridiculous, sign up the soonest possible. That way, if hell freezes over and you decide to use it you'll have your nickname. Naturally, I was too late and mine was gone, gone, gone, so you'll find me at the unoriginal thequeenofstars at gmail dot com.

Chat with me, save me from death by boredom. Also, anyone wants a Gmail invite?
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...about LJ, Vox, Six Apart and abandonment issues sitting on my disk but I'm too tired to finish it tonight.

Instead, I'm watching Without a Trace and hanging out at LJ Talk to see who shows up. = ) Bro has night shift this week and I have the room all by myself. I'm enjoying the small luxury for what has to be the second-to-last time, because (if all goes well) during the weekend Grandma Voula is moving into the room next to mine. From then on we will be walking on our toes after 9 p.m. No more late nights watching tv (like I said, next room) or after-midnight showers (bathroom door is in front of hers) or having friends staying over until the early morning hours, playing scrabble (we're too damn loud when we play *g*).

I thought I would had depressed myself by now but I guess I hadn't realised what a calming effect writing down everyday stuff has. I only hope ppl won't kick me out of their f-lists if I make it a habit.
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omg, House, MD in less than an hour on Star Channel!
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Does anyone know when third season of Lost will start?

Many thanks to anyone who will answer. = )
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Barely. And it cost me my time-off before Easter.

Things to do this weekend:
  • finish yearly statistics report

  • reply to comments

  • hunt down comments lj didn't send to me and answer them too

  • help mama with housekeeping (blah)

  • meet Tony who had his birthday last week and make amends for forgetting about it

  • watch second half of season 4

But right now I need sleep. See you in a few hours.
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...and I'm watching MacGyver ^___^ In this ep he is an evaluator on a survival trip for senior Phoenoix agents. It's night, he is back at the camp, he enters the shack, crashes on a bunk, thinking how tired he is. Pete comes out of the kitchen, looking domestic, with a dish towel on this shoulder and says: "Hard day at the office?"
My mind went straaaaaight to the gutter, screaming "Lucy, I'm hoooome!!" all the way down! Man am I pathetic or what? I'm still snorting Bailey's out of my nose!
And because I know what a bunch of helpfull lasses you are ::blows kisses::, no matter how much I beg in the next days, do not, and I mean do not show me the way to Mac/Pete stories... ::facepalm::

Time to catch up with my mail and flist...

I'm insane

Oct. 20th, 2003 03:49 pm
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Instead of packing (I'm leaving in 2 days for Kalamata to be a bride's maid at my cousin Maria's wedding ^__^;;) I'm writing a responce to an individual who thinks that it's her duty to "relieve" us from the "burden" of the two inactive lists her list replaced. ::facepalm::
No chica, reporting Star Wars fanfiction lists to Yahell is not good for fandom. Save your posts for your barely-breathing list and stop spamming those we like to keep as archives. ::growl::
Owww, I can hardly wait for her answer, see me bouncing in anticipation...? NOoooT!


Aug. 8th, 2003 04:09 pm
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i'm in a weird, weird mood today. feel like scaring people. i wonder if my wolverine!muse is messing with my head again...
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Master and Apprentice has been the joy of my life for over 3 years now. *content sigh* I'm convinced that no matter how many years pass, I'll never get tired of the TPM universe. Thank you for the stories ladies and keep bringing 'em! ^__^
So if you are in anyway connected to m-a, don't be surprised if you find yerself on my friends' list. *grin*

By the way, does anyone know what ever happened to Wednesday? Her LJ was deleted quite a while ago. I hate to see such talented authors disappear like that. =0( I was really hoping she would finish The Gift someday... *sigh* Oh well...



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