queenofstars: (daniel: what the shit is this?!)
QueenOfStars ([personal profile] queenofstars) wrote2013-04-01 02:40 pm

WTF universe? Give me a fucking break!

So far today:
1. Woke up ridiculously early because of nightmares. Four successive nightmares to be exact. Ugh!
2. Left home without my wallet. I realized it was missing when I reached for it to pay the morning cab to work. No money in my handbag, no cash card to get money from the nearest ATM. Thankfully, my besty was already at work and came to my rescue with a 10 euro bill. *hugs bff*
3. My network account expired. Spent two hours surfing on my tablet, waiting for renewal. Battery levels went down, which leads me to:
4. New tiny charger caught FIRE while charging my Galaxy Tab 2. Judging from the soot, there were flames. FLAMES people! My tablet is alright, but it was too close for comfort. Also, burnt fuse means no power means no work until they fix it. Productive day so far, right?
5. Tablet I was setting up with Google Play, refuses to boot. I rebooted twice after the installation and then shut it down to conserve battery without setting my friend's account 'cause I didn't have his pass. Half an hour later, damn thing won't boot. *pulls hair*

I give up. Can I go home and hide under the covers? :/

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