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QueenOfStars ([personal profile] queenofstars) wrote2011-05-13 06:03 am

From Twitter 05-12-2011

RT @JoeFlanigan: Somebody named seedypetee spreading lies. Naughty boy. We will expose you. Never supported Prop 8. I embrace ALL my fans
First thing that came to mind: Joe M. is trolling fmforums? XD I'm bad, I know. XD
*kicks lj* Load damn thing, I wanna watch the fallout from #JFlan's tweet! #FlanClan
@nikomaria what? no comment for the slovenian aguilera!clone? XD
@nikomaria lol!
Apparently I can tell Gary Sinise from his manly grunts alone. I didn't even know I was watching #CSINY until he took off the hood... XD

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