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QueenOfStars ([personal profile] queenofstars) wrote2011-05-10 06:03 am

From Twitter 05-09-2011

@stagie what ever happened w/ the security cams?
@stagie I think I'm going to seriously hate your new employers. When you say 'night', what time you mean you get off work?
Cool night tonight. Walked for an hour after (driving theory) class in Nea Ionia, afterhours window-shopping. Now in cab, heading home.
@stagie Unfortunately, it's also legal. :/ I have security guard friends who work the same shifts. Madness!
@stagie I haven't gotten that far yet, I have ~20 hours mandatory theory lessons to cover first. x_X;;
Buaaaaahahaha! XD RT @KavanjSmith: Ming na is making fun of my crack. Considering I'm underage that should be illegal.

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