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QueenOfStars ([personal profile] queenofstars) wrote2009-04-30 06:22 pm
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(inter)national banks suck =(

because of paypal and the aeons it takes for a credit card to get validated, i won't be able to even try and get a dreamwidth seed account. also, because of tomorrow's day off my bank closed up early today as if it was friday, didn't transfer to paypal the amount i asked them to and won't do it until monday. which of course will be too friggin' late!

*shakes tiny fists of rage at paypal and bank*

damn, i wanted a seed account so much... =(
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[staff profile] denise 2009-04-30 04:25 pm (UTC)(link)
You can make a payment via credit card without actually having a PayPal account -- if you're logged out of PayPal, you can just give them your credit card # to make the payment directly.

There's also check and money order!